As well as socials, Finland in Bristol organises Finnish lessons for adults and children of all levels. The school runs every second Saturday from 9.30am to 12.30pm. We have three groups for children (under three year olds, preschool, school age and teens) and two groups for adults.

The dates for the academic year 2021-2022 are as follows:

Autumn term:

Spring term:

Adults lessons:
10am till 12pm

Children’s lessons:
0-3 Year Olds: 9.30am till 10.15am
3-5 Year Olds: 10 am till 12 pm
6+ Year Olds: 10 am till 12 pm
Teens 12+ Monthly social club - for more info please email to

Lesson prices:

All payable either to our bank account or through PayPal. Please note, we no longer accept cash payments!

£15/2h session, for the whole term £105 for the autumn, £150 for the spring
Please fill in the registration form for adults lessons here: Click here

£25 for the autumn (7 sessions)
£35 for the spring (10 sessions)
Or pay as you go £6/session
Sibling discount -50% is available too.
Please fill in the registration form for children’s lessons here: Click here

Beginner's class - Adults - Teacher: Elina & Maria

At the beginners we start building the foundations for the Finnish language from the very basics. Over the year we cover some core themes, vocabulary and grammar to help you to get familiar with the language and survive from the simple everyday situations in Finnish. The lessons do usually consist of 3 parts: checking homework, going through a new subject and either reading/listening/speaking exercises. Sometimes we will spend more than one Saturday with the same subject to make sure all the students are comfortable with it. Our group works collectively, everyone helps everyone and we share our own experiences of the culture and language.

Remote Intermediate class - Adults - Teacher: Karoliina

We offer remote intermediate classes which are run via Zoom on Tuesday evenings. This group is aimed for those who have taken part in our beginners' classes at the school and feel that they would like to take their skills further but aren't able to attend school on Saturdays. The lessons go through the same grammar topics which have been introduced in the beginners' lessons but focus on building up the skills for each student to use them in their own text and speech.

Intermediate/Advanced class - Adults - Teacher: Kirsti

Intermediate/advanced group we have a better look at Finnish grammar and further conversation skills. Teaching happens through reading, speaking and grammar exercises to give students wider vocabulary and more useful phrases to use in conversation. The experience of the students varies which gives you the opportunity to get learning tricks from others and hear Finnish being spoken by non-Finnish people. If you are not sure of your skill level, do come along and we can have a chat to see how we can help you. In the group we compliment each others' skills and learn from one another.

0-5 year old children - Teacher: Maria

My group is for children from 3 to 5 years old of different abilities in Finnish. In my class we learn about Finnish culture, activate children to use Finnish and learn new vocabulary through play, singing, reading, crafts and drama. Classes are fun, relaxed and full of activities. It’s a great way to meet other children with similar backgrounds and learn Finnish language and culture. All classes have a different theme and in every class we sing and play familiar songs and games. If the weather is nice we play outdoors and do a couple of forest school days during the year too. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your children in the class!

6 - 12 year old children - Teacher: Susanna

This group of children goes to school already and they can read and write in English. I use student centered teaching method, by getting to know what the children are interested in and using those topics in teaching as each child learns on a different way. In practice this means that we will not just sit at a desk the whole time but do a lot of different activities, e.g. making your own cooking books, translate games and go to the woods. I’m also planning to give children small tasks to take home which they can do when we are not at school. They can be small projects, for example, finding interesting places to visit in Finland, write stories or read a short book. I believe that learning happens when child is interested in the subject and wants to know more. Each child will have their own leaning plan which we will create on September. The central theme of this learning plan is the child’s interest in learning Finnish language and seeing how best we can support that interest.

Coffee break

In all groups there will be a recess of 15-20 min at 11am to give you a chance to chat with other students, get a cup of coffee or to buy some Finnish produce we have for sale in our break out area. We know that Finnish is a difficult language, so believe us, you will be glad to have a break! The break takes place at the back of the cafe on the ground floor.


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