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Brexit ### Latest update: 31.05.2018

New videos have been published regarding the Brexit:

They also have Finnish subtitles!

More information can be found from the European Commission website:


According to the information provided by HM Government the status of this issue is at the moment as follows:

"The agreement we have reached for EU citizens and their families is:

People who, by 29 March 2019, have been continuously and lawfully living here for 5 years will be able to apply to stay indefinitely by getting ‘settled status’. That means they will be free to live here, have access to public funds and services and go on to apply for British citizenship.

People who arrive by 29 March 2019, but won’t have been living here lawfully for 5 years when we leave the EU, will be able to apply to stay until they have reached the 5-year threshold. They can then also apply for settled status.

Family members who are living with, or join, EU citizens in the UK by 29 March 2019 will also be able to apply for settled status, usually after 5 years in the UK.

Close family members (spouses, civil and unmarried partners, dependent children and grandchildren, and dependent parents and grandparents) will be able to join EU citizens after exit, where the relationship existed on 29 March 2019.

EU citizens with settled status or temporary permission to stay will have the same access as they currently do to healthcare, pensions and other benefits in the UK.

After the UK has left the EU on 29 March 2019 there will be an ‘implementation period’ of around 2 years to prepare and implement our future arrangements with the EU.

EU citizens and their family members who arrive in the UK during the implementation period will be able to live, work and study here as they do now, but they’ll need to register with the Home Office if they intend to stay here longer than 3 months. We will publish more details about this registration scheme as soon as possible.

We propose that the following arrangements should apply to EU citizens and their family members who arrive in the UK (and have registered) during the implementation period and who want to stay afterwards:

Once they have been continuously and lawfully living here for 5 years they will be able to apply to stay indefinitely.
They can apply for a temporary status in UK law that will enable them to stay beyond the end of the implementation period. This means that they will be able to continue working, studying or being self-sufficient until they have reached the 5-year point.
They will need to apply for this temporary status either during the implementation period or in the 3 months after the implementation period ends.
After the implementation period ends, EU citizens – who arrived during that period – can be joined here by family members under arrangements that will be on a par with the arrangements applying to British citizens who want to be joined by a non-British family member.
EU citizens who live in the EU but travel to work in the UK during the implementation period will be able to apply for permission to continue doing this after the period ends.
These arrangements are separate from the settled status scheme available to EU citizens lawfully living in the UK before 29 March 2019.

Irish citizens won’t need to register or apply for leave to remain.

EU citizens working in the UK and UK businesses employing EU citizens don’t need to do anything now."

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