Social calendar

Our aim is to provide events and activities for all members of our collective. We also advertise other Finland related events in the area, whether or not they are organised by us. You are most welcome to everything we organise, from picnics in the park (including a game of pesäpallo) to pub nights (for over 18's). If you would like to have a point of contact to feel more comfortable coming for the first time, give our social secretary a shout and they will make sure there is someone to take you under their wing. But we are all very welcoming and friendly, so just say " Finns are such great people" and you are sure to find friends. See below our social calendar and tag along!

20th January 2018 18:00 - 2018 Vuoden aloitus! The start of the year 2018! January pub

The social calendar of 2018 will be kicked off with a night around the town in great Finnish company, starting from gathering at the pub and continuing to the small hours of the morning until we physically can't dance anymore. Location yet to be confirmed, but we suggest you start looking for your Saturday party clothes! Dresscode: Glitter & Sequins! January needs some glitter on it!

20th January 2018

Presidentinvaalien ennakkoaanestys, lue lisaa sivulta Living in the UK

28th April 2018 11:30 - Annual General Meeting

Open to all, including public. Please advise of any required agenda items.

12th May 2018 12:30 - Finnish Baseball, Blaise Castle

After the lesson, weather permitting, we will head for Blaise Castle just after noon for a picnic and Pesäpallo.

So, don't forget to bring your own food and drink and something to sit on. If you're not inclined to play Pesäpallo, just come along for the picnic and enjoy the Blaise Castle amenities and surroundings.

Hope to see you there.

School calendar

Our Finnish Saturday school for children and adults of all levels is held every other Saturday 10am to noon as follows